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Celebrations nourish soul.

November 19, 2017

You celebrate what is truly good about the human experience. It is important to celebrate, it is important to find grounds for rejoicing, for affirming evidence of God’s presence. Celebrations do not negate concerns, but rather they strengthen your capacity to respond, your capacity to reach out. Celebrations are a kind of food for the soul, for in celebrating you reaffirm, you give strength, you acknowledge, you give thanks, you express love, you share—you share emotions, memories, values, impressions. You share the very substance of what it means to be alive.

There are some who shun the experience of celebration, surrounded by a shroud of guilt that says in effect, “How can we celebrate when so many suffer?” But there is never loss to sharing joy. There is nothing superficial about acknowledging what is good, what is valuable, what is important. The opportunity to celebrate, therefore, is an important one and should always be welcomed.

Celebrations nourish soul.
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