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Chakras are spiritual energy.

June 3, 2018

The concept of chakras is a true concept. You do have energies which are not directed by the brain. These energies are not directed by your electrical processes. It is beyond that.

There is an understanding of meridians of energy. These meridians cross through the body and form a kind of energy field which then reaches outward. When individuals are aware of these meridians in others, it is because that energy reaches beyond the body. Were it not able to extend beyond the human body, there would be no way of detecting them. The energies that are generated within extend far beyond the identified meridians. They are merely a partial manifestation of your spiritual energies.

These chakras, these channels of energy, are not your soul, but they have spiritual energy as their source. The energies you are aware of within the body are the equivalent of the smoke in the air that moves when the air moves. They’re a manifestation; they are not a source. But these energies reach far beyond the body. They are in a sense the wings upon which your spiritual essence can fly.

Chakras are spiritual energy.
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