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Change is critical.

September 8, 2019

In loving, there is room for accommodation, for flexible values, for more compassion, for greater willingness to listen. There is room for more willingness to observe. One speaks of thinking out of the box, and that is advised whenever you feel threatened, judged, unfairly treated, or fearful of the future. Allow yourself to move away from a position that has attached to it inflexible expectations. In that way you grow. You are stretched as you reach for understanding. You are stretched when you reach for some evidence of God’s faith in you, in others, and in all that exists, and God’s belonging to all of that.

Human lives would have little purpose if there were no opportunity to change, to change on the personal level or to change on the corporate, political, economic, or national levels. Change does not imply giving in or giving up. Growth means developing a broader vision, a deeper compassion, a growing sense of patience, a willingness to examine and stand for what you believe, knowing that if those beliefs change, what you stand for will change.

Change is critical.
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