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Chaos provides access to affirmation.

July 21, 2019

The chaos you observe is your access to doing what you can to affirm what is good, what upholds and provides dignity, what provides comfort and affirms worthiness, what describes illumination from God. Love the perfect stranger, for that person also has a story. That stranger is not without value merely because you know nothing of him or her, but rather is always of great value and should be embraced in your loving intentions.

There is no one who can truly be outside the realm of your own light just as there is no one who is outside the realm of God’s light. You are reflective of the God that resides within. Accept that reflection. Accept that glow that is inside, especially when you suffer for what you believe in, especially when you feel misunderstood. That’s the time to be a reflection of all that you understand God to be.

Chaos provides access to affirmation.
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