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Common bond of imperfection.

March 7, 2021

One can easily accept one’s own imperfections, followed by a lack of effort to change them, rationalizing this lack of change through the belief that if God wanted it any other way, it would be another way, thereby taking oneself out of the equation. The fact is that imperfections are a challenge and a means of your viewing what needs improvement, what merits growth, what deserves reflection. Recognizing the imperfect characteristics of God’s creation is meant as a way of focusing where you are to move, how you are to grow.

Recognizing such imperfections in others is not grounds for criticism but constructive challenge. By supporting others in their growth, you are responding to those imperfections in a godly manner. Recognizing and accepting, therefore, that which you do not agree with in terms of the behavior of others or their attitude allows you to accept the common bond that you share with others. If you are willing to accept that common bond of imperfection, then the potential for your relationships with others being positive is greatly enhanced.

Common bond of imperfection.
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