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Communicate in sleep.

March 5, 2017

There is much evidence to support that those who appear to be comatose fully recall what is said to them while in that condition. The spirit is open. The moment of balance is a reality. To all who observe from the outside, there is no evidence of comprehension, no evidence of awareness, but that is not the true reality.

You communicate in sleep. Your soul touches another in sleep. Your soul receives the love of another in sleep. Balance is achieved in the quietness. First be silent, and then you will hear. The energy needed to listen is not necessarily an energy that is witnessed by another.

Sleep is a state of mind, not merely a state of the body. It is a state of spirit. It is not merely a state of fatigue. Sleep, the activity of dreaming, while real, can be seen as a kind of metaphor that serves the purpose of illustrating what it means to embrace another spirit with peace, for you can embrace another in your thoughts, in your concerns, in your prayers and see no evidence of that being received.

Know, however, that no energy that comes from spirit ever goes into a place of emptiness. All thoughts have direction. All prayers have direction. All thoughts and prayers have an impact. It might seem a recipient is being nonreceptive, but that may often be the very moment when they are most receptive. You pray for another without seeing immediate results, but the light energy of prayer is never lost on the darkness, for light has its own energy that expands, and that energy is received according to the abilities of the recipient, the openness of the recipient.

Communicate in sleep.
Listen to the Entire Message

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