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Compassion is natural.

November 29, 2015

God is not a human life-form that stands in judgment. God is the sum of all that is created. What is created and the Creator are a single unit. There is no separation. For that reason we can say you are never separated from God, for you can never be separated from the totality of the unit. You are part of that unit. You belong to that unit. Your energy is an essential component of that unit, that creative entity.

God is love, but what is love other than absolute unity? God is compassion, but that compassion is a part of the creation of all that is, and so compassion is a natural occurrence. It belongs to the combination of energies and is very natural. The most natural response of one individual to another is compassion. That compassion is the response of love. First comes the love, and out of the love, the response.

You see evidence of no compassion. You see evidence of human beings choosing to be alone, to be separate, but those are choices that belong to the human experience, and they in no way negate the reality of the first response being compassionate, being supportive, being loving, for compassion is not love. Compassion is loving. It is what comes from love. It is the response of love to be loving.

Compassion is natural.
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