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Complacency is dangerous.

November 26, 2017

This time of year is a difficult time for many. It is difficult for those who are alone, but it should be difficult for those who seemingly are richly blessed and yet turn their concerns to those who are suffering. The reason it should be difficult is because of an awareness of the disparity in the nature of the lives of humankind. If a king is deeply aware of the suffering of the less fortunate in his domain, his thoughts are guided toward the great gulf that separates them. That gulf should be disturbing. It should be unsettling, and it should draw the king to a greater compassion for those who do not share in his bounty.

The most dangerous attitude humans can accept is complacency. If you are to work for peace within and for peace in the world, you cannot take the position that there are just some things beyond your control. You must become involved. That involvement in lessening the burden of others can only be motivated by a conviction of love and compassion.

Complacency is dangerous.
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