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Constructive energies are light; destructive, darkness.

April 3, 2022

Society goes through changes as a result of leadership. When that leadership is short-sighted, when that leadership is self-directed, when it is consumed by self-interests, there can be many who follow such examples. Likewise, when there are leaders whose view of life brings others to a greater sense of being shared participants in what is meant to be best for all, societies move in that direction.

The history of spiritual leaders throughout humankind, even long preceding such leaders around whom religions have been built, have had enormous impact centuries earlier than what you know and understand. As long as there have been human beings, there have been leaders, and those leaders have influenced others in ways that are constructive and destructive. The history of human life on earth ultimately becomes a history of what was constructive because it is the constructive energies that are the real light. The destructive energies are in effect the darkness. Darkness never consumes light, but light always breaks through darkness.

Constructive energies are light; destructive, darkness.

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