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Creation not finished.

October 1, 2017

Since God is the source of all that has been created and all that will be created, you share something in common with everything that has been created, and you are even at this point a part of all that is yet to be created. Creation is not finished. The energy which serves as a foundation for all of creation is constant, but the products of that energy are continually renewed and expanded. You are part of that renewal and expansion.

There is continuity of life, but you must be aware also of the continuity of creation. You live because others have lived before you. You are aware, of course, of many members belonging to your earlier generations, but your families go back so much further than you will ever learn of. Your presence is part of the great future. It is because of your life that other lives in future generations will exist, and there is a part of you that will remain a part of all that has found itself in the plan of future creation.

You are related not only to all that is animate—all that lives as you define life—but all that seems void of life. There is no significant difference between all that has been created. The planets, the stars, the galaxies, the gases which form these bodies, all come from the same source and all contain within them traces of common elements. You must increase your awareness and thought concerning the breadth of creation.

Creation not finished.
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