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Crying out for justice as prayer.

August 2, 2020

Society is currently pulled in so many directions. Some of those directions relate directly to seeking balance and help, but another kind of seeking is the reach for justice. The justice is not simply an appeal for justice of self but more importantly a universal plea for Justice with a capital J. That embracing of others, other traditions, other identities, is truly a desire to wrap your spiritual arms around those who have suffered untold injustices.

The act of responding to the crying out for justice is a kind of prayer. It is a reaching outward of the heart to embrace another. When you reach with your arms, whether literally or figuratively, you are embracing an idea, a philosophy, a way of life, the principal of justice, the equality of nonjudgment, of balance—balance in health, balance in relationships. All are included in this embrace of the spirit.

Crying out for justice as prayer.
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