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Darkness opens one to God.

March 4, 2018

Darkness in itself has no energy, but darkness is receptive to light. In the woods at night, a flashlight is easily seen. During the daytime, a light source seems not so present.

By experiencing the dark, you become sensitized to the light. By experiencing the difficulties which belong to human life, you begin to experience more fully the spiritual light that is God’s presence. The dark, therefore, is essential to bring attention to the light. It is because of the darkness, it is because of the human form that the light which is the Spirit Center takes on greater significance.

You will know God most fully at those times in your life when you feel you are in darkness, when you feel loss, anxiety, worry, or sadness. You then become more open to God’s presence. In bright daylight, it is more difficult to see the light of a bright lantern. When you are surrounded by what seems fully in balance, you may give thanks to God, but your view of God’s presence, the power, the strength of that presence, is diminished by all the light that surrounds it.

When you feel yourselves in darkness, open the eyes of your spirit, and the light that is there will be brilliant. You will be warmed at those moments when you feel the cold. You will see love at those times when you believe love has left. You will find comfort at those times when you are consumed by grief. The connection that you have with God is most intensely felt when you are filled with what seems to be darkness.

Darkness opens one to God.
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