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Dedicated to love.

May 29, 1983

If you are so busy in an activity that you cannot take time to listen within or without, your life has no love to give. Being a good listener is not merely a platitude—It is a way of life. It is the only way to live, for in listening within, you know God and in listening without, you may see God. When another comes to you in need, you do not just listen to what is said, but you listen to what is felt. You listen to what is implied. You listen to what is really needed.

You are listening, then, to an action of God working through another, and you are being called by God. Without listening, you cannot respond to God as God calls to you through another. You know God works through people. God responds through people but also calls out through people. When you listen to the call of another, you are listening to the call of God.

Your life must be dedicated to love, and that love can only be given strength through listening.

Dedicated to love.
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