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Difficulties in transitioning.

April 9, 2017

Humility, compassion, and love are of extraordinary value in nurturing your soul. How important it is to be unimportant! How important it is to be a part of everything rather than a mover and shaker of all that surrounds you. When we first come to this side, we become aware quite quickly that it is by losing ourselves into the totality of creation that we find a clearer view of God's brilliance. Those who have the greatest difficulty in making the transition to spiritual life are dominated by a concern to maintain their sense of who they are, what they were, and what their importance was. Your soul retains individual characteristics, but the importance of the individual has vanished. As we become closer to God, we sense a reduced value being placed on our own importance. When a soul is finally united fully with God, that soul has its uniqueness, but it is no longer dominated by a sense of its own strength and presence. It becomes totally a part of the brilliance of God that radiates throughout all of creation.

Difficulties in transitioning.
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