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Distances don’t exist.

January 10, 2021

There is no real dimension called space or time. Space does not really exist. Distances between objects do not really exist, but they are a convenient construction for trying to make order in your lives. Most animals have no sense of space or time. There may be an inner working psychologically that directs animals to behave in certain ways at certain times, but there is not a concept of “time is running out” or “it takes time to go from point A to point B.” Most animals just move. They go from point A to point B. Point A and the space encountered in getting to point B is all the same unit. It is a single entity.

Only humankind has devised a system of organization that tries to define time and space. But since there is no real absolute time, there is no absolute space. All is in reality a single unit, a single point. There are not multiple locations; you are just together. Because there is no space, in reality there is no distance. As there is no distance, it is more logical for individuals to be in contact with one another when occupying what humanity identifies as two widely separated points.

Because humans perceive a reality of distance, it becomes impossible for them to understand how an individual in one location can have a direct influence on an event or an individual in another location, for that kind of influence does not follow logically through the perception of distance. Because there is no distance, there is no difficulty in communication.

Some people seem to have an uncanny awareness of events in the future, and humans are amazed at the ability to predict. But in reality, as there is no time, there is no future, and the prognosticator is merely seeing what is. There is no “what will be.” There is also no “what was” since there is no past. What you call the past, the present, and the future are merely efforts to describe the various characteristics of the here, the now. They are efforts to understand the presence of life.

Distances don’t exist.
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