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Do not build walls.

July 15, 2018

Your connection to your own culture should be a connection of openness, a connection that accepts. You know so well the value of unconditional love, but the other side of that issue is the importance of unconditional acceptance, acceptance of love that is directed toward you. It is a two-way street. You do receive, you do give, but it is important that that two-directional existence be enhanced and strengthened. If you strengthen your openness to the peace and love that you seek, and if you pray for the strength to receive the balance that is so necessary, you will then be in a position of openness to all who are around you, and it is that openness that is what all human beings must ultimately learn.

Many create barriers that are defensive in nature but fearful in cause. No one is given life to build walls. All are given lives to open those shutters.

Do not build walls.
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