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Do not focus on differences.

September 23, 2018

The problems the world faces on the road toward peace are the result of focusing on differences. There is no clear vision of unity. There is no clear sense of a continuity of all life. There is no view of a philosophy of being that has within its structure no room for walls. Such a view that you often see is limited and limiting.

There is nothing that really separates a molecule of water in the Indian Ocean from a molecule of water in the Pacific or the Atlantic. They are all part of a continuous presence of water on the earth. There may be some interruptions in some place for continents, but the water is really a single unit.

Think upon the unity that you experience with others on occasion and expand upon that concept, that feeling, to allow for a unity with everything that comes into your own awareness. Relish that unity, embrace it, recognize your part in that unity, and you will find it easier to live a life of love and patience and understanding and compassion, for what are these other than responses to a sense of unity? God’s presence is really your presence as well, your collective presence. God’s presence is really the presence of all that has been created and all that will be created. There is no separation at all.

Do not focus on differences.
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