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Do what helps all people.

July 1, 2018

If you are intentional in the way that you try to intervene in intemperance, injustice, or threats of one kind or another, the intentional component essentially means your own engagement, but it has many expressions. You can be intentionally engaged within a setting that is prayerful. You can be intentionally engaged as you write, as you speak, as you ponder what reflects God. There is much that you can do that is intentional without being passive, for even prayer is not passive. Prayer requires energy. Prayer requires a giving up of who you are so that you can become something far more purposeful.

You do not have to be at the front of a protest in order to be intentional. Whatever you do, it is essential that it be devoted to what helps all people, not what helps your country or your community or yourself. Yes, your country, your community, and your very self have value and deserve to be protected, nurtured, and strengthened, but it is in the larger sense in your embracing all human beings that the intentionality of love, of concern, of listening, of being present takes on the greatest significance, the greatest potential to be a voice of God.

Do what helps all people.
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