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Dreams have a spiritual component.

April 21, 2024

While dreaming, your spirit, while remaining connected to the body, is free to expand, to connect with other spirits, to grow, to brighten. Dreams, although physiological in nature, have a spiritual component. One soul can indeed recognize the presence of another in dreams. That recognition generally is through some kind of characteristic, whether it is a familiar voice or familiar presence visually or the presence of touch.

The sensitivity of your spirit is greatly enhanced during moments of sleep, for in those moments the brain is processing, the brain is achieving a kind of balance. It is working through events that are held to be important, and in the working through, there is a condition of peace, however momentary it may be, and it is that state of peace that allows each spirit to be stronger in its sensitivity to the spirit presence of others. Just as you hear better when you stop speaking, your spirit sees more clearly when it is less engaged in matters of the body. You are receptive to what you hear. The spirit is receptive to another presence.

Dreams have a spiritual component.

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