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Dreams occur with open spirit.

May 22, 2016

While you are dreaming, you are in a state of enormous openness. It is not an openness of emotion but an openness of your spirit. It is during those moments of spiritual balance that the soul becomes more keenly aware of its true source of life, the Spirit Center you refer to as God.

The connection of spirit is a connection to Source. In prayer and meditation, you wish to connect to Source, however brief it may be, for it is in your quietness that you find an openness. Without the quiet, you cannot be fully open. It is this way in sleep, for when you are dreaming you are momentarily in that position of openness, and it is during such moments that your soul accumulates much of its strength, much of its insight, its compassion, its love, its patience, its persistence, its openness to all that is around it.

When you dream and see in your dreams a vision of another that you recognize, that recognition is not merely a firing of synapses in the brain tissue, but it is a connection that is taking place from one spirit center to another. When in a dream state you see as total reality the presence of another who has transitioned, you are in that moment connected together. Your soul learns through its connection to another. What precisely does it learn? It learns the value of being open, being open in a conscious way, just as such openness is achieved in a subconscious manner.

Dreams occur with open spirit.
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