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Eliminate ego.

February 25, 2018

Seek a stronger presence of joy, slowly squeezing out the opportunities for negativism to take hold. The presence of negative emotions in your life is equally natural with the presence of positive feelings. That is not to say they are of equal importance, but only that they are normal to be present to whatever degree. If you accept the necessity of human life in the development of your soul, you must be willing to accept the naturalness of what it is that is human. Naturalness does not imply that it is advisable to keep it up at all costs, but only that its presence is natural. The development of your spiritual self leads to the elimination of a sense of ego, and you should be working toward that end, but it is clearly an end, that elimination of ego. It is not a description of the nature of human life.

What God wishes you to learn from all of this is for you first to discern what the elements are belonging to human existence, and secondly to recognize how those elements fit into the development of your soul. By understanding more clearly the reasons for your human existence, you will be in a better position to use your life in a constructive manner.

In the end, you will experience only joy as God experiences only joy. To the extent that the experience of joy is a human emotion as well, God is partly human. But there is no place in God’s light for the negative emotions which are so much a part of human life. The transition from negative and positive to completely positive is an indication or a barometer giving evidence to the motion of your soul toward God’s light.

Eliminate ego.
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