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Embrace strangers by respecting sacredness.

July 4, 2021

When an individual embraces you, you may feel the emotion, your sense of touch is activated, and you feel a connection with another. The act of an embrace creates many layers of reality that are beyond the simple act of an embrace. You’re embraced by those whom you know, and you may not necessarily sense the individual connections with the others, and yet there is a feeling of warmth, a feeling of support, a feeling of love, an understanding perhaps of what real compassion means. As others respond to you, that is a response of God, and as you respond to others, it is part of the response of God, the embrace.

You can embrace those whom you have never met by respecting the sacredness of their lives. There are those in the world who have suffered beyond description through loss, torture, or emotional stress. Even though you have not met them, when you think of those who have suffered, you are embracing them. You do not have to know the people whom you embrace. You merely have to honor their existence and their shared part of this circle of life, and in your thinking, you are part of the embrace of God.

Embrace strangers by respecting sacredness.
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