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Energy of thinking impacts others.

August 29, 2021

No prayer is lost. No loving thought evaporates and no longer exists. All that you think and do, all your intentions have their own resonance, their own kind of energy, and that resonance moves in only one direction, that being outward from the center. Thoughts have their own energy. Your thoughts are obviously intentional. They don’t just happen. Thoughts may be understandings, wishes, fears, celebrations, but there is something very concrete about the energy of thinking.

The energy of thinking impacts the lives of so many others. You therefore have a direct influence on another’s life simply by thinking of that person in a loving manner. It is not necessary to belong to a particular school of faith, a school for the spirit. The energy that comes forth from the act of thinking positively, affirmatively, toward another ripples across the network of spirits.

Energy of thinking impacts others.
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