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Evaluate what is essential.

April 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic challenges are not light, for they are indeed significant, but the suffering that you endure will bring about the best that belongs to each of you. It is an opportunity for growth despite the challenges, but that growth is not merely personal growth, a growth of self, even a growth of your own spirit. It is growth in the recognition of community, the recognition that you are all part of the network of support and love that all need.

There are those who are reckless, those who are careless with the current reality. There are those who deny its existence, but all human beings will find the grace of having an opportunity to reflect, to evaluate what is essential in life. It is in such reflection and evaluation that true growth takes place, not just because of that reflection but because of how you exercise the knowledge and understanding that you gather.

Evaluate what is essential.
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