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Every human being is growing toward God.

February 25, 2024

Every human being is growing toward God. Accepting this fact, it is impossible to reject another. There are, of course, those who offer a kind of rejection, a judgmental behavior, but that need not divide individuals or communities or nations. Such attitudes are an expression of where an individual or community is, and it is only that. When you face rejection or disappointment or frustration or the anger of someone else, you do not have to take in that frustration and allow it to feed upon your sense of self. You can accept it as an expression of another but not as a judgment of self. Likewise, you can disagree with others and yet simultaneously affirm their value.

The next time you are faced with such a disagreement, give pause for a moment and think of how you and the other are the same. Recognize the equality that exists between you and another. Recognize the divinity that you share. Your disagreement, then, will be directed toward the ideas or the actions, opinions of another, but no longer directed toward another. With that change in direction, you will learn to disagree and be loving at the same time. The dynamic of that relationship will be strengthened, for it is honest and nonjudgmental.

Every human being is growing toward God.

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