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Evil is absence of Light.

July 16, 2017

When you are beset by those who are opposed to that which you seek and know to be in keeping with God's spirit, you must never judge but rather recognize that such opposition is merely a reflection of a lack of acknowledgment of God's presence. It is then up to you to help fill that void, for when that void has been filled there is no evil left. Sadness, you might say, is the absence of joy. Evil, then, is the absence of an awareness of God's light.

Notice we do not say "an absence of God," for that is impossible. It is only that one may choose to reject God's presence, to cover oneself from God’s light. God's presence in life is not an abstract concept that is worthy merely of academic debate. God's presence is the direct result of your presence. Without other human beings, God's presence on Earth cannot be realized fully, for God’s presence implies action. It implies a commitment to love, to the desire to serve, the ability to express and exercise compassion. Those traits are only seen or evidenced through human life.

Evil is absence of Light.
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