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Expand God’s light within to others.

August 15, 2021

Despite differences in response, despite the differences in the lenses through which human beings interact with life, there is no one who lives without the spark of light. That essence resides, whether or not it is expressed or acknowledged. It is always present. Were it not so, we could not say that all human beings have a part of God within. That is indeed a true statement. You all, all, contain a light that is part of God’s presence, God’s energies, and it is your life that can help to expand the impact of that spirit presence to others. You may not see the goodness in someone, but it is important that you acknowledge that deep within, that goodness is there. Despite what is done, despite what is said, despite any activity associated with another, God is present in that other person.

Despite what you may feel about yourself being successful, being a failure, winning, losing—however you see yourself does not change the truth that God’s light belongs to the essence of who you are. If you live in a house with the shutters drawn, the light outside when the sun is shining is still there. It doesn’t change the reality of that light, and it also is important that even with the shutters drawn tight, there is some light that does get in. There is some element of that sunlight that penetrates the shutters. It may not be a visible light, but it is nevertheless an energy that comes through. It may be the warmth. It may be other waves that vibrate through the shutters, but the energy from outside is never totally shut out. Even living in the darkness, there is no true darkness. There is nothing you can do as human beings that blocks out that energy of God’s light with totality. It is always present, and because it is always present, you and others will always contain that sacred spark.

Expand God’s light within to others.
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