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Faith can only be shared through love.

August 30, 2020

Because souls approach God from different viewpoints, their perceptions of God, their experiences of God, will be different. When you speak of God to another, you cannot hear as the other hears. You cannot receive the idea as the other receives the idea. For that reason, it is so difficult for you to understand and fully accept the God-like experiences of others.

Since you cannot share their perceptions, you must accept them as they are. You cannot be critical of another’s viewpoint of God. Their viewpoint is not of their choosing. They merely experience it. Of course, there are many who wish a deeper understanding of God, and they choose to look with more perception, but the direction from which they approach God is not of their choice. They are led as you are led. If you seek to share your faith with another, it can only be shared through the demonstration of love. That is really the common bond which unites all the strings indicating the many directions of all souls in their motion towards God.

Faith can only be shared through love.
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