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Faith for achieving peace.

June 30, 2019

Faith is the central element for achieving peace. Your faith can be likened to an ocean. The amount of water remains relatively constant, but the tides shift the volume from place to place. One sees an apparent decrease in the water through the ebbing of a tide or the increase of the flow. The truth is that the water does not decrease. It shifts but does not disappear.

Such is it with faith. You build up a reservoir of faith that provides you with the strength to see you through all of your days. There are times in your life when you have less faith or more faith. The faith does not diminish. It changes in focus, it is altered by demands placed upon it, but it does not wither. It is never reduced, but what you must seek in your life is a recognition of the fact that faith, although the product of your efforts, is a gift from God.

Faith for achieving peace.
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