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Fear is not reflective of God.

February 16, 2009

It is true, there are souls who have difficulty accepting their new lives in a purely spiritual form, and who for one reason or another wish to attach themselves to those who are still experiencing human life. When that happens, you are aware of a change in energy. You are aware of an increase in negativity. You are aware of the sense of being pulled down. But you also are aware of a means of casting off that negative mantle by praying for healing, not your own healing, but the healing of the negative energy that surrounds you. Any time you feel overwhelmed by fear, cast it away, for such is not reflective of God’s presence. Acknowledge it and let it go. Your burden will be lightened and your path made clear.

Rejoice in the understandings you have and constantly seek opportunities for balance in your own lives. When you find worry, seek joy. When you find anger, seek love. Turn your eyes to the Light and be guided always by a faith in its constancy. You are loved, and that is all that matters. Be blessed in that Love!

Fear is not reflective of God.
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