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Feeling at one with God.

September 24, 2023

When you feel at one with God, it does not simply mean that you agree with God’s teachings. It means you are God’s teachings, and there is a great difference between the two. If you truly are God’s teachings, you will instinctively know the correct responses to whatever challenges face you. No one has a perfectly clear identity with God. There is a degree of failure for all humans. The greater the gap between being God’s teachings, the greater the difficulty of dealing with challenges in life, be they questions of a career, of a family, of national policies, or religious positions.

To aid the directions toward a more effective response, therefore, strive to become more and more unified with God’s teachings. It is a difficult challenge. It is a life-long challenge, as you will only fully succeed during your spiritual life. This is not to diminish either the effort in human life or the purpose of human life, for the progress you make has an enormous effect on the progress you shall make during your spiritual existence.

Feeling at one with God.

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