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Find something every day to be thankful for.

November 23, 2023

You are celebrating life when you acknowledge what you hold dear in another human being. You celebrate the life of an individual, and that is, of course, appropriate, but in your celebrations, discover ways of celebrating the sacredness, the sanctity of the mere fact of being alive.

Find something every day of your life to be thankful for, to be grateful for. When you feel thanksgiving and gratitude, you are celebrating life. When you recall the warmth, the generosity, perhaps the humor, or the sacrifices that another has made, you are placing importance on those aspects of human life. You’re celebrating the essential reality that they occupy in your life. By taking what you celebrate and using those characteristics to help shape your day-to-day life, you are strengthening your spirit. You are strengthening your soul.

Find something every day to be thankful for.

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