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Find ways everyone wins.

November 5, 2017

There is a difference between celebration and gloating. There are times when you may feel the desire to celebrate which is, in effect, at the expense of another— another individual, another group, another nation or culture. That is not true celebration. That is a kind of self-congratulation that is directed towards the negative results that have impacted another people or another person. There is never justification for a kind of celebration that elevates an act that puts down others. Life is not like a game where there are winners and losers. You cannot celebrate when you win and others lose. You can only celebrate when all are winners. The game of life is finding ways for everyone to win.

Your relationships with others are never guided by winning and losing. That is not what you are given human life to do. When another loses, it means that you prevail. Prevailing is not the goal of life. It is important that you direct your life in ways that cannot be marked or identified as prevailing. Certainly there are ideals, standards, principles for which you stand with the hope that they are shared by others. But when events evolve that seem to vindicate your own perspective, the most appropriate response should be one of understanding why so many held a different perspective to be equally valid.

Find ways everyone wins.
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