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Forgive an individual, not an action.

April 24, 2022

You are keenly aware of the injustices that exist in the world, perpetrated by one group of individuals against another or one group against many others. It is easy to judge, judging from your own perspective, your own understandings, your own view of the world. There is no forgiveness, no accepting without the elimination of judgment.

You are urged to develop more strength as non-judgmental entities, for you cannot judge another. You cannot judge another’s worth, regardless of their actions. You can judge actions, but that is not the same as judging an individual. You can condemn actions and yet forgive, affirm, and love nonjudgmentally the individual.

Part of forgiveness is separating action from person. You forgive an individual; you don’t forgive an action. You may say that a murderer must receive forgiveness, but you are not forgiving the act of murder. You’re forgiving the perpetrator of that crime. It is your relationship with one another, your relationship with yourself that is primary here.

Forgive an individual, not an action.

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