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Freed to serve.

September 3, 2017

By recognizing what it feels like not to be in perfect health, you are given the skills and strength of compassion to be exercised toward those who in some manner or another experience the anxieties and fears that you have experienced in the past.

Being freed of a burden means you are freed in order to serve. When you experience the joy of being unburdened, you are given the strength to unburden another. You cannot fully understand what another endures unless you, too, have endured similar concerns. One is therefore blessed to be able to live from the perspective of an understanding of the afflictions of others.

You are given strength to respond. You are given compassion to lead. You are given an ability to listen—to listen to what others say, to listen to what others wish to express of their own anxieties and fears. You are therefore strengthened by the experiences that you actually endure.

Freed to serve.
Listen to the Entire Message

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