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Fulfillment is loving.

February 4, 2018

There is a difference between being successful and being fulfilled. If you think of the word fulfillment, it is being filled with something, and that something is a commitment to being loving. It is the commitment to sharing who you are and why you are. It is the commitment of acknowledgment that another is, that another deserves to be, and that all belong to the overriding energy of love. That is a life of fulfillment, but it is only a goal, for the details of such fulfillment can never be fully matched.

When you see turmoil around you, when you experience dishonesty, when you see evidence of deception, of power-grabbing, of all kinds of chicanery, you must also bring to your awareness that what is seen as negative energy is in part a casting away of that negative energy that in turn makes space for the love that can follow.

Human beings are in one stage or another of purging themselves of the shadow by ultimately exposing themselves to the Light. That process is a lifelong effort. That process can be more than lifelong in its outward flowing momentum. It is easy to be critical and judgmental. It is easy to point a finger toward someone and think such an individual is the embodiment of evil or the full representation of darkness, but such is never really the case.

You are given life to affirm, to grow, to find meaning. That is the “why.” The “how” is the process of being open—being open to others, being open to yourselves, being open to the voice that is within, the guidance that is always present, being willing to change, being willing to grow, being willing to see good in what is not always evident. Understanding the “why” gives meaning to the “how.”

Fulfillment is loving.
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