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Gifts to the world are all valuable.

December 20, 2020

You and another are equally valid and equally valuable. You and another contribute as you can contribute. There is no measurement of one contribution being more important than another. It is merely a recognition that you both contribute.

Peace within elements of society is an acknowledgment of the balance of those elements of society. All components of every society are equal in some form or another. When you fail to recognize the balance, you are failing to see something that is considered of value. Two individuals offer two different gifts to the world, but one gift is not more valuable than another. One gift is merely different from the gift of another. For one, the gift may be measurable in monetary terms. For another, it is the gift of acceptance, the gift of valuing others. Which gift is most important? They are all of equal importance, but the gift that is more reflective of God’s presence is the gift of acceptance, the gift of love as expressed in a way that affirms and upholds.

Gifts to the world are all valuable.
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