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Give by loving.

February 20, 2022

You are living your life because of what your life provides you at this time frame, within the continuum of your spiritual life. Put your attention on how you live now. Don't dwell on your life in the past. Similarly, don't worry about mistakes you have made or be concerned about errors in the future. Focus your energies on the here and now.

What can you do now for another person? What can you do now to reflect God's love? What can you do now to reflect peace? Such focus provides meaning in life rather than concerns of the past and the future. If you live in this manner you are freed from guilt of the past and anxiety about the future.

A guiltless and anxiety-free life is a life of grace, for it provides the freedom to reach out, to give and love without concern for judgment of others. You live to give, and you give by loving. That is what must motivate your life.

Give by loving.

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