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Give thanks as recognition.

November 22, 2015

As you proceed through your life, recognize the fact that all you need to be, all that you can be, is already within you. You have the potential for response as a clear and brilliant reflection of God among people. Choose to respond to that which is inside. Follow the impulse to give, to support, to comfort and console, to listen to others—not to what they say, but to what they mean. You have so much that you may do in your responsibility to God’s presence. Grasp hold of the great potential which has been given to you as a gift and which has been given to all in equal measure as a gift. Seek time to recognize that.

It is good to give thanks to God, not because God asks for it, but because it is a reminder to you that you recognize what God has given. God does not need thanks, but you need constant recognition, and giving thanks is a means of developing greater recognition.

Give thanks as recognition.
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