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Goal is to reach out unconditionally.

September 5, 2021

To become the hand of God and to reach out requires trust as well as love, for trust and love go hand in hand. If you love another and you serve another, you trust that in so doing, you are giving another strength regardless of their reaction. You trust, you have faith, that what is being done is in its way reflective of the heart of God. It is the heart of God that informs the hand of God. It is your understanding of the meaning of love that strengthens your outreach as the hand of God to another.

This trust that you exercise in communicating and reaching out in love has no expectations in return. You do what you do as a reflection of your understanding of who you are and why, but your deeds, whether they are deeds of prayer and concern or material ways of reaching out, cannot come with an expectation that such will be recognized or appreciated. You do not reach out to others with love in which a condition becomes part of the offering. You reach out because you are motivated to serve another in a meaningful way. You are not motivated by an expectation of thanks or acknowledgment because then what is offered is offered conditionally. Just as God’s love for you is unconditional, your goal is to reach out to others with no condition as part of that outreach. You reach out because you sense your connection. The communication that you have with others then is a natural outgrowth of the insight you have achieved as you explore who you are and why you are.

There are no easy ways to achieve insight into self, and yet its real value is in all you do to achieve that understanding. It is not simply the understanding itself. When you truly acknowledge the core within, even imperfect as your understanding may be, you are then able to accept that similar core that belongs to all others. It is in this reaching out through a recognition of how you are the same that leads to a peaceful resolution to interpersonal conflicts, to war, to behaviors of one culture toward another. A foundation for a nonjudgmental connection becomes strong and powerful.

Goal is to reach out unconditionally.
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