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God’s energy like a trampoline.

October 16, 2022

Every person exists within an enormous sphere of potential, a sphere which is not so much identified by shape but rather by the completeness with which you are embraced. You are embraced from all directions, not just from above or beside, in front, behind, beneath you. It comes from everywhere. This connectedness of God’s presence is no different than the connectedness that exists between all of you. Each human being is on a giant trampoline, and when one moves, it is felt everywhere. When one issues forward and outward the energy of love, it is indeed felt everywhere.

The loving presence that is God is like that trampoline, not so much just being on it but that it exists, and by its very existence, you and all that exists are moved by each change that takes place. You are in a sense standing on the trampoline, and the trampoline is the energy that is God that supports each of you, that vibrates between you, that communicates with you, that in truth connects you.

It is indeed a kind of spiritual trampoline. You all move on that surface, and it’s that surface that is God’s presence connecting each of you, connecting all that exists on all the earths and all the planets, stars, galaxies, energy-forms, universes. Find comfort in their unity. Find ways of understanding more deeply how you are the same rather than how you are defined.

God’s energy like a trampoline.

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