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God’s response to prayer is presence.

September 17, 2023

When there is need, when you wish to reach out and pray to God, the entirety of all that exists is present and responds by surrounding your own individual soul. That is the only response that is a specific response of God. When you pray for peace, the strength of that peace for which you pray grows in its intensity, but the benefit of that strengthened presence is of little value unless you open yourself to that for which you pray.

You pray for peace. That peace is at hand. You pray for compassion. The compassion surrounds you. You pray for patience. The energy of patience envelops all that you are. But that for which you pray is merely present. It is only for you to welcome that presence.

For those who feel lonely and pray for companionship, they are surrounded by the spirits of many who reach out with loving companionship. The tragedy that may exist is that even in the presence of that offered companionship through love, the individual who prays for that may shut off and close the windows that would otherwise allow that energy to come flowing in. The strength, the presence of love that is God’s love is not something that is withheld, is not something which is kept in reserve, hidden away, denied. It is always present, and because the love of God is always present, it is not a matter of God listening and saying, “Oh, you wish to be loved, so therefore I will give you love.” That prayer for love is a prayer of being open to the love that is there. It is a prayer to be open to the companionship, the comfort, to the alleviation of anxiety, to the alleviation of pain. These are prayers that you have the capacity to be receptive to.

God’s response to prayer is presence.

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