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God’s wish is not to kill.

November 15, 2015

There are some guiding principles that reflect God’s desires. We know that God created. We know it is God’s wish that what is created continues because as it was created by God, it has value. How is that continuation achieved? It may seem unchanging to you. It may seem a radical change of form, of energy, appearance. The energy that God creates is never destroyed. It is only transformed. Consequently, you must accept that God wishes what has been created to remain in one form or another. It is God’s wish that energy be retained.

God created human beings and it is not God’s wish that human beings be destroyed. The energy that is a human being is not lost in the destruction…it is changed. It is not God’s wish that human beings fight and kill one another, for it was God who created human beings. But God also created the possibility for humans to make choices, for it is through that selection of choices and acting upon them that much growth takes place.

God’s wish is not to kill.
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