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God and sacredness of creation.

June 1, 2015

There are many who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. Those individuals find a connection to life beyond human life through one set of lenses, but there are many who experience their lives with different lenses. There is no lens that is more important than another. Someone who pursues spiritual awareness outside of an established religious tradition does not necessarily remain outside. Many migrate toward a shared expression of faith that is more institutional than individual. Likewise, there are many who feel committed to more accepted practices of spiritual understanding who feel that their paths lead in another direction.

Any approach to trying to understand the nature of spirit within the human experience has value. There are some expressions in that pursuit that may seem restrictive or extreme or too casual to the observer, but that sense of alienation from someone else’s pursuit is of no importance. What is important is what has meaning for you. What is important is how you connect to an awareness of the Creator. For every person it is a different path. For those institutions that feel that their pursuit is exclusively correct, they may in turn be facing away from what many seek out, but for them it is appropriate at that time and at that place.

In God’s view, there are no religions. In God’s view, there are only beliefs. God sees levels of belief—limited, expanded, and everything in between. If there is something that could be accredited as the single wish of God that is asked of human life, it would be to acknowledge the absolute sacredness of everything in creation. You cannot judge what you view to be sacred. You cannot judge another when you view that person as sacred. You can find you disagree, but there is a wide difference between disagreement and judgment when judgment is felt to be a determination of worth, of value, of legitimacy.

Every human being is valuable. Every human being has worth. Every element, every molecule, every subatomic particle, every stone has value, has purpose, exists for a reason, and every bit that you acknowledge is also in the process of change. Nothing is static. No smallest particle is inactive or inert. There is an energy to absolutely everything, and that energy shares equally in being of value. This is what God seeks, an acknowledgment of the sacredness of all, for when you see and feel that sacredness, you become part of the unity that is creation.

How do you arrive at a point in your lives when you are fully aware of that sacredness? For some, the journey is individual. For others, it is corporate. There is no one way. There is no right way, for all ways ultimately find the path to the oneness that is the Creator and part of the totality of creation.

God and sacredness of creation.
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