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God evolves.

April 23, 2023

God’s presence is, always has been, always will be, but that presence also evolves. It grows because you grow. It evolves because you evolve. God can be thought of as the creator of all, but that sense of creation has not stopped. From the point of view of what is real, we can say that God is, but if you think of something that is only constant without change in order to fulfill a definition of “is,” God does not fit that definition. Likewise, no human being can be so defined. Recognizing then that all are essentially in a state of becoming, what does this mean for the conduct of your life?
You, indeed all people, are becoming. You are evolving. You are changing. You are transforming. You are transforming what is around you, and you are being transformed by what is around you. There is an interaction that exists between who you are and where you are. By using the term “where,” we do not imply a location but rather a description of your evolving. Because you grow, because you are evolving, you must accept the reality that all people are growing. All people are evolving.

God evolves.

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