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God is All and Creator of All.

November 16, 2009

Throughout human history, there has been the need to understand at some level: Why life at all? Why me at all? Why nature? Why grass and rock, birds? Why anything? What is the need that God has for there to be any creation?

The very nature of God is to create and transform. It is the nature of human beings to take in oxygen, to breathe, to transform that oxygen. It is likewise the very nature of God that creation happens.

God is not a human being, although often represented as such, for it is easier for human beings to perceive the reality of a god if that god takes on some kind of human persona. In ancient civilizations God was not necessarily limited to human form but was often represented by other forms of the natural world. Such representations of God have always seemed appropriate, whether those representations are in concept or in some kind of graphic form—a carving, a painting. There are many who believe it is incorrect to prepare any representation, visual representation, of God, but even with a reluctance to visually represent that Spirit Center, there is nevertheless the desire, the need to know.

In other life-forms elsewhere in God’s creation, there are understandings of God in terms of the characteristics of those life-forms. No understanding is complete and no understanding is thoroughly incorrect. The fact that God is the Creator and also the totality of all that is created is difficult for you to comprehend, for no being in your awareness, no entity, creates itself. Your understanding of what it means to create is limited by your own visions as human beings, but in truth, God is both All That Is and the Creator of All That Is.

But God is more than merely the Creator and a substance of that creation. What is added to that is the reality of love. Perhaps you can understand creation more clearly if you consider for a moment what love creates, what love transforms. When you act lovingly toward another, you are building the capability of another to become loving. In a sense you are creating the very love that you are expressing toward another. If you act with compassion, someone learns the meaning of compassion and they become compassionate. No one becomes compassionate without experiencing compassion at some level of life. It is by experiencing that such experiences are spread more widely.

If your demeanor is one of suspicion and doubt and negativity, you increase the level of suspicion, doubt and negativity that exists around you. If you express confidence and joy, you spread confidence and joy to others, but you cannot express that confidence and joy unless you have witnessed it. So you are, in effect, experiencing the confidence and joy of another and creating a confidence, a joy, a love, a compassion beyond yourselves.

It is not so difficult to understand what it means to receive and then to give, but what is it that is received? Where does this come from?

The reality of God beyond your understanding is that “God Is always.” It is not “God Is beginning several millennia ago.” The truth is simply that God Is. That “Is” quality is not measured in time. It is measured merely in reality. All is in the present, as you know although find difficult to fully comprehend. Even though the Creator is not human, love is perhaps the closest description of the nature of God that creates. Another description might be pure joy, for it is in joy that you reach outward. It is in deep pain that others reach outward to you. When you reach out to another in compassion, it is not out of joy but out of love, and yet love affirms the value of another, and that affirmation is a kind of joy.

God affirms. God creates through that affirmation. God creates because affirmation creates. God creates because what you perceive as a human trait, love, creates. Love is essentially the manifestation of something greater than love. Love is merely the evidence given of that greater essence. Human beings are not capable of expressing that greater essence, but humans are capable of manifesting that reality through a loving relationship with everything. You are not asked to be Love. You’re asked to be loving.

You are the same because you share the same Is component. Your soul does have an identity. Your soul is connected to every soul. This does not mean to past souls or future souls. It means every soul, because souls exist fully. God creates, but that creation is merely a transformation of what already Is. The individual souls with their own needs and objectives come from the loving center, the Spirit Center, the center of what love Is.

God is All and Creator of All.
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