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God is all that exists.

June 13, 2021

God listens to your prayers. In fact, as we have asserted numerous times, the reality is God does not respond because you ask for that response. God is responding, God is present, God’s energy is present whether or not you pray for it, but what prayer does is open you to be receptive to the Spirit Center, the Love that exists, so that you can become illuminated and warmed and buoyed, supported, comforted, and embraced by that presence.

The listening, you see, that is referred to when speaking of God is not so much God listening but rather you listening. It is about the vision of your heart. It is seeing that presence of God with the heart. It is knowing of that presence. It is feeling that presence.

The listening of God, therefore, is the listening of all that exists, and you are a part of that. God is the totality of all that exists. God is the energy that connects all that exists. God is that filament of spirit that joins the souls of everyone.

God is all that exists.
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