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God is all.

June 25, 2017

Whatever it is that you pray for, the response will always be human. You respond or another responds to needs that you have. When another prays for help, sustenance, encouragement, a lightness of spirit, it is you who provide for those responses. You therefore are essential to God's care within the world. You may pray for strength of the spirit, but it is ultimately through human life that those prayers are answered.

God is not an abstract figure. God is an assembly of all that has been created and all that will be created. God is not an abstract power. You are a part of that creation. You are the response of God. It is because humans share a mutual divinity that humans also share in the divine response. When another is in despair, it is up to you to reach out. When you are in despair, it is up to you to be open to the giving of others. It is up to you to be willing to accept the help of others.

God is all.
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