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God is creator and creation.

April 28, 2019

The world of science talks about the expanding universe and the ultimate collapse of the universe. The world of science talks about the Big Bang and speculates about what was before the Big Bang, and what was before that, and still what was before even that. There is a limit to human understanding about the mystery of creation, the mystery of what existed prior to creation as you know it.

The truth is existence was the reality prior to what you can perceive to be the beginning of creation. There was no beginning. There are no limits beyond which that which has been created ceases to exist. What God is is what God creates, for God is both the creator and the creation. God is the center of what really is a circle. The circle has no beginning or end, but a circle does present a center, and it is that center that is God. There was no beginning; there will be no end.

God is creator and creation.
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