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God is love.

December 25, 2022

Most people understand very little about love, either its power or its influence, its potential, its beauty. Love never stops. It is not separated when two individuals separate physically. It does not stop when one moves to our life. It is absolutely continuous. It is the one thread which genuinely unites all generations of humankind since the beginning. The presence of love now is more powerful than in previous centuries, for more have experienced it. More have grown through their earthly lives and have learned to exercise it in their spiritual existence, and that exercising in turn influences subsequent lives. This thread, this strand of continuity uniting virtually all of humankind is ultimately beyond your comprehension. However, we emphasize its presence because you must come to understand that it is the only enduring attribute which one carries from one life to the next. Its strength as achieved in human life has a large effect on the character of its development in the next life.

Your life should serve as an opportunity for the exercise of love. When you perceive God, the first concept which comes to your mind is love, even more than power or light or forgiveness, for the power comes from love, the light is evidence of love, and forgiveness is the exercise of love. But all there is is love. The only thing there is is love ultimately.

God is love.

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